Useless headline of the day – “American Idol hopeful sent home”

It’s awesome what passes for news nowadays, especially when it comes to entertainment-related news. If Natalie Portman wears an ugly t-shirt, it gets front page status right next to overheating Japanese nuclear reactors. Ahh, show business! Well, to celebrate the marvel that is the modern media machine, we’re posting the “Useless Headline of the Day.” Every day, we will [COMMON SENSE ALERT!] post the most irrelevant, unnecessary headline of the day for your enjoyment.

Today’s (and our first) useless headline comes from the Yahoo! homepage. It belongs to an article updating us on the status of perennial media dominator American Idol.

I understand how this came about. I mean, honestly, after, like, 20 seasons of pretty much the same silly auditions, mind-blowing auditions, teary-eyed confessions to the camera, cheesy group numbers, less-than-stellar celebrity appearances, and contestant montages, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Nothing in the show is going to surprise us at this point. We’re just here to revel in the drama and Coca Cola ads as another group of dreamers bites the dust.

And nothing is as inevitable on this show as someone getting eliminated. After all, that’s the point every week: to eliminate someone. If anything was going to happen this week on Idol, someone was going to get the boot. That’s why we watch–to catch a glimpse of someone’s pumped up dreams shattering into a billions pieces in front of the whole nation.

So congratulations, American Idol and Yahoo!, on making our first useless headline of the day!

Have you seen any useless headlines out there today? Leave us a link in the comments below!

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