What You Need To Know To Land A Career In Digital Media

Digital Media careers are super-hot right now. I’m talking about Tweeting, blogging and Facebooking for a living. Sounds easy enough right?

Unless you avoid computers, the Internet, television and technology at all costs, you probably don’t go a day without being asked to like something, follow someone, Tweet this or click here.  Many companies need to hire Gen Y, recent grads who live and breathe the Internet to get the social networking and digital media side of their business going.

A recent report on Canada’s digital media economy found that most digital media employees enjoy their jobs and that the industry dominated by Gen Y employees is growing. It is no surprise that many 20somethings are looking for a career in Digital Media.

Here’s what you will need to know to get paid to Tweet  your heart out.

You most definitely need to be an expert in…

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogging (you should have one that you regularly update)

Many, many people are pro’s in the above five, which won’t give you much of an edge unless you become an expert in a few more things.

You will stand out if you know…

  • HTML. Don’t fear; HTML isn’t too difficult to learn. The Internet offers many free HTML tutorials. Lots of blogging programs work in visual mode too, which means you often don’t need to fuss with HTML unless there is a formatting problem. Mastered HTML? CSS is a good next step.
  • InDesign. A desktop publishing program used to create professional looking print layouts, digital page layouts and typography, InDesign is often listed as a good-to-have on Digital Media job postings.
  • Photoshop. Another good-to-have skill, Photoshop lets you edit and re-size photos to keep your blog/website looking professional and pretty. Even better if you can take and edit photos.
  • Video editing. Know enough to make a watchable video and post it on YouTube.
  • SEO. Although Search Engine Optimization is a profession in itself, it certainly won’t hurt for a career in Digital Media. You can find many free online tutorials and articles to self-educate about SEO.
  • How to write. Especially how to write headlines. Much of digital media is about getting page views and getting people to keep visiting your site. Writing for the web is much, much different than writing an essay or even writing for a magazine. Short and sweet is essential. Check out Yahoo’s awesome Style Guide for web writing.
  • The right people. An employer will be able to see who and what you know based on your social media pages. Want to work in Digital Media for a fashion company? Start following and liking your fashion favorites.

Digital Media jobs vary on the social media to new media spectrum. Some companies might be looking for pure social media while some companies might be looking for someone who can design their website, fix the bugs, blog, film video, edit, Tweet, YouTube and Facebook all in a days work.

Remember, nerds are super-cool these days. Don’t be afraid to become one.

Have I missed any essential Digital Media skills? Please comment and let me know!

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